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Our Cuisine

The Feniks is well known for its great food.

Our chefs spoil you everyday with homemade food, made with natural fresh ingredients.

They will let you taste the local cuisines with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the marketor local suppliers. We serve you first quality fish, chicken, vegetarian food and meat. Our meals have a lot of diversity to make sure everybody is satisfied.

We will make sure you will enjoy wonderful and delicious meals, tasteful and with all the things you need after a good day of biking.

In the morning we serve you a hearty breakfast with cereals, eggs, bread, fruit, a choice of cheeses and meat, fresh salad, a good cup of coffee or tea, orange juice, yoghurt and milk.

You can pack a lunch to take on the road. Our tour guide will also schedule several coffee stops, and you will have enough time to visit a typical French bakery, a market etc. to get a taste of what the locals like to eat.

When you arrive on the boat after a good day of cycling, we have some tasty snacks ready to eat or a bowl of homemade soup, salad or cheese with bread to enjoy. And a taste of the local wine.

Our dinner is also all homemade food, lots of greens, vegetables served with meat, chicken or a vegetarian dish, potatoes, rice or pasta. We finish dinner with ice cream or yoghurt with fresh fruit, homemade cakes, etc. - and of course there is coffee and tea.

In the evening, dinner is served outside on the deck when the weather allows; otherwise you can enjoy dinner in our cosy guestroom, which is also your living room during the tour.

Once a week, our guests enjoy dinner at a local restaurant not included in the tour price. We have suggestions for you for nice places to eat and can make a reservation. On those days, the crew of the Feniks is busy with extra work on board, such as cleaning the ship, carrying out maintenance and doing more shopping to ensure that the rest of the week goes well.

If you have specific wishes about our food or if you have a special diet, just let us know and we will adjust the meals for you.